Financial Leadership Principles: Managing Value Creation (Now Available OnLine)

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This program teaches how to:

All too often, the performance of senior executive leaders is measured by how effectively they manage financial and operational resources. However, to succeed as a non-financial leader, knowledge of key financial principles and processes is critical. Finance is the very back-bone of value creation. Success or failure of an organization hinges on the understanding and management of finance.
This course is designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the analytical, investigative and decision-making skills relevant to Senior Non-Finance Executive Leaders.
Participants will learn how financial techniques can help improve management performance, make strong strategic decisions, increase potential profits, assess the financial performance of business activities, and enhance shareholder value.

Workshop Outcomes:

This workshop focuses on:

  • Appreciate the nature of financial value creation and how companies seek to maintain competitive advantage in a dynamic economic environment
  • Grasp the relationship between corporate and finance strategy
  • Gain an insight into the various elements that constitute financial reports
  • Interpret financial statements using standard analytical techniques
  • Understand the concept of the time value of money and the use of evaluation techniques to:
    • Make capital investment decisions
    • Compute and use the Cost of Capital
    • Understand the relationship between risk and expected return
  • Explain and analyze the interrelationship between finance and good corporate governance
  • Obtain an overview of costing methodologies and their impact on pricing
  • Identify red flags and warning to avoid financial failure

Workshop Approach:

This workshop incorporates real-world case studies and draws on latest financial reports. The aim is to foster a hands-on understanding of the concepts and instil a practical, and applicable, grasp of the skills required to succeed as a non-finance executive leader

Target Audience:

Executive non-financial leaders

Course Curriculum

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