Enhancing Your Business Writing Skills

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This program teaches how to:

  • Saying what you mean in your email
  • Write to influence and persuade your readers
  • Write reports
  • that address business problems
  • Structure your documents
  • Leverage different communication styles
  • Adapt your message according to the audience
  • Understand the business writing process

Course Agenda

The course is structured around, and focused on, understanding how to communicate in an effective manner. Each topic is underpinned by workshop-based, real-world case studies. The overall approach is geared towards facilitating and divulging information and skills relevant to the practical needs of the attendees, and includes the following topics:

  • Identifying key communication problems
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Do’s and Don’ts of business writing
  • Eliminating bad writing habits
  • Generating confidence and impact with your writing ability
  • Breaking down writing into key components
  • Understanding audience types
  • Contextualizing your writing and message based on audience types
  • Eliminating barriers between you and your readers
  • Appreciating and understanding grammar and sentence structure
  • Importance of punctuation
  • Incorporating your readers’ words
  • Influencing your audience to value your ideas
  • Creating an effective Executive Summary
  • Prioritizing your subject
  • Differentiating between active vs. passive voice
  • Writing concisely and optimizing your word choice
  • Choosing a style appropriate for audience and context
  • Respecting readers’ time, interest and ability to focus
  • Crafting relevant subject lines
  • Do’s and Don’ts of email communication

Target Audience:

All levels of staff

Course Curriculum

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