Challenges of Corporate Governance in SMEs (Now Available OnLine)

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This program teaches how to:

Statistics show that over 70% of businesses across the world are SMEs, demonstrating that this business model is the essence of local societies and regional economies. As such, they play a vital role in economic development – not only through their business contributions but also by creating an investment environment that is open, safe, secure and transparent.
As the firms expand, the relationship between owners, managers and employees becomes more complex. A good corporate governance system puts the right policies in place to manage this complexity. Corporate governance creates a solid organizational structure that clarifies roles, reporting lines and delegation of responsibility.
This workshop not only considers the latest international and local developments in corporate governance, but is also underpinned by relevant, practical examples and interactive case studies to illustrate both good and bad governance SMEs.

Target Audience:

SME Senior Managers, Executive Leaders, Business Owners

Course Curriculum

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  • 3 Days


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